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I dont know how many people out thier actuly watched "The L Word" it was good I liked it it was "Sex and the city" meets "Queer as folk" umm any who before I get off topic which I clearly have I wisht to know the song used at the end of the pilot its the "morning after" and Tim gives an engagement ring to Jenny just after her "intamite" night with Marina ummm listen to me drabble on about the show ah ah ha ha......... so yeah anyone know the song I speak of?


P.S. I do not work for Showtime and am not pluging the show well ok I am prasing it but not so much encouraging it umm its realy your choise oh my god I need to stop typing...............

P.S.S. Can I be removed because I write too much ? Huh..........

Not sure who the artist is for the song you are looking for, but there is a web site that list all the music from each episode.

Try L Word Fan Site. The page shows a list of all music from the first episode. If that doesn't help, click on the "Listen" button on the left and then try looking at the score page.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


BTW: I agree about the show. I'm looking forward to more episodes.
Is it really worth checking out? I haven't heard anything about it...

I really liked Queer As Folk, but after the first season it seemed like it just went downhill -- which was disappointing. Same with Sex & the City -- this last season has been practically unwatchable! :(
I guesse it might be worth checking out but then again I enjoyed the last two seasons of Queer as Folk but I dont realy care much for Sex and the City
I heard a song from the show "The L Word" on Sunday night and all I got was "In My Secret (?), I couldn't make out the word after secret. Did anyone see the show, hear the song, know the title or the singer (female?) Thanks!
Are you sure it was a female singer? I believe you are referring to 'In My Secret Life' by LEONARD COHEN.
You are absolutely right, I remember now while I was listening thinking it sounded like Leonard Cohen. Thanks so much :D