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I'm looking for the music that was played during the pilot episode of The Inside. It occurs near the end of the episode when the main character has gone undercover as bait in the subway. Someone please help. The music is very rock/industrial. It reminded me of the group VAST.
The band is called Syntax
The song is called Bliss

There was a time when we were cradled
one on one
and now i find that all creation is undone
I'm throwing out all of these thoughts
that are not mine
I'm building up your coming down
I'm losing time

And now I've found some solid ground
I thought I'd drowned but now I'm found
And on the lips of the life i kiss
I find I'm here this place of bliss

It's better now you'll find
that life is on your side
And you know of glory days
the vibe you cannot hide
I'm giving you the chance to make it all alright
Baby come on walk with me
I know the future's bright

When you dream of themes
that drive you to feel insincere
think again you know
that all those feelings are just fear
when you're thrilled by ego hits
you think you're on a high
you should know deep down inside
It never satisfies.

Syntax - Bliss
Would anybody possibly know the theme song for 'The Inside' is?

Thanks in advanced. :)
Robert J. Kral (famous for "Angel") is listed as the show's sole composer at this point. It's possible he could be responsible for the theme. If I find out otherwise, I'll let you know. I hope this was helpful. -John
Okay, I know this show is canceled, and two years... but it's been driving me a little crazy about finding the song after I watched it recently again.

It was in the Intro scene of the 6th-7th episode. I made a clip of the scene so you can hear it.

Note: I only made the clip so I could find the name of the song, it'll be deleted after question is answered :)

Here is where you can find the scene with the song

just have a question if anyone knew this? I remember vaguely a loong time ago this was asked here...and I know a looong time ago is like 2 years, but I thought I'd at least try...