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Can someone help me figure out the name of the song that plays in the background of the commercial for the new show on TNT "The Grid"? It totally sounds like Evanescence, but can't seem to put my finger on the name of the song. Thanks.
Yeah....thats the only sound clip that I hear in the commercial. It sort of fades in half way through.

definitely: Going Under from the Fallen Album by Evanescence
There's another commercial running for the grid that plays an instrumental song. It kind of has an e.s. posthumus sound to it. I'd LOVE it if someone could tell me what it is! Thanks a bunch!
I too have seen LOTS and LOTS of previews and have only caught the Going Under tune. Sorry. I still see it all the time, so I will look out for it.
i saw the commercial while i was watching sex in the city and seinfeld on tbs, and i saw the evanescence one as well, but there is definately another one.
i know what your're talking about... it just came on tnt right now.