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I want to know all three songs on the trailer. Especially the 2nd song.. where the man says "Aren't you a little young to be giving up on your dreams?"

Also the song after that song, when the ball is hit and everyone looks except one guy who keeps his eye on the kid.

That is the trailer. THIS WOULD REALLY HELP IF YOU TOLD ME... I like the three songs. BEginning, middle and end song.
The middle one was the only one I really wanted. The others were backups.. so you were of some help. I thank you of that.

Is there another website where I could play this song... I am afraid I am no able to play it on Windows Media Player and I don't want to get RealOne Player.
Its a really popular song, like every1's heard it...but no1 really knows the name...

Its some guy going ah bum bum bom...ah bum bum kind of a deep rythmic voice
its actually in a tv spot for the movie. It starts out zoomed in on his face, and a guy (who sounds black) goes ah boom boom boom boom or something like that....

bum bum bum bum...boom boom...buu buu get the pint
I just saw the ad and it's "Boom Boom" by Big Head Todd & The Monsters. You can hear a clip here, track 11.
I know this trailer was a while back - but really really like this song - especially the track that starts at 1:08....can anyone find out???

All cues (in order):
-Brand X "Seize The Day"
-Joe Jackson "Angel"
-custom cue
-5 Alarm Music "Destroyer At Sea"
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Thanks! couldnt' find destroyer at sea but guess that's custom.