The Fugitive


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As some of you may know HBO is airing the fugitive this month and the time slot given for it is 2 hours and 15 mins. About an hour and a mintute or two into the movie they show Kimble (ford) basically re-entering his life. By stealing a janitor card and using an orange to past his face onto the janitors card. This scene also shows Gerard(Jones) looking out the window of his office puzzled. It also has a scene with Paotantlioni with Jones in Fords house talking about the murder. During this there is some good music with it. It is not on the fugitive soundtrack and I believe it is by James Newton Howard. If anyone knows what I'm talking about I'd be happy to accept any useful information on this score.
I've been looking for the song where Ford was re-entering his life by using the spanish persons ID and where Jones was interviewing suspects and returning to the scene of the crime.
Can you describe the song? Instruments playing?