The Fifth Element


Reaction score
does anyone know the name of the reggae song that plays during the airplane take-off sequence in the movie? it plays from about 1 hour and 16 minutes into the movie to 1 hour and 19 minutes. thanks!
thanks, but thats not the one. the track im listening for plays right as corben dallas and leeloo get onto that space-plane to for their mission at flausten paradise. it also has a raggae beat. its playing when they prepare the ship for flight and when ruby rhod and the stuardess are going at it during takeoff the space flight's takeoff. it also plays at about one hour and 16 minutes into the movie.
errr... Eric Serra's - Heat IS the one that matches that description.
There's a black guy loading green rods into the plane and like, killing nasty looking little gremlin'ish things right? And he's saying.. 'heat.. I need more heat.. Gimme more heat'..?
im so sorry. youre absolutely right. i had the wrong tracks under the wrong names. heat is the one im looking for. thank you!
towards the end of the first half of the movie.. cops are chasing dallas' taxi car, and its like a chanting indian beat thing, sounds awesome, anyone know it? please, thanks.
Hello. I'm sure if you've seen the movie, you recall the short string plucking piece that plays a few times throughout, like when they find the bomb. I got a copy of the soundtrack to find this song, but it didn't appear to be on there. Me and my friend double checked but couldn't find it! Can someone tell me the name? It's the short song with strings being plucked that usually plays in funny scenes.
Are you sure that you didn't get the assorted artist soundtrack mixed up with the [movie score] soundtrack? Well, I've listened to it a couple of years ago and the piece was on it. It's titled "A Bomb In The Hotel" number seventeen. And it totally has this commical yet, serious feel to it right?
I've got the origonal music score as well and also noted the missing musical peice. Oddly enough, it was one of the few reasons I bought the soundtrack. Sigh, I guess Eric Banna didn't considered worth the CD space...
No, Niatona was trying to find out a certain composed piece from the movie, written and composed by Eric Serra which, I still can't find. I believe Sualocin just mixed the name up, or something. No offense. I still luv ya. :)
Is this the same soundtrack you're talking about? It should be track number 17. I'm listening to it now!
Haven't check this thread in a while. I can't believe I quoted the wrong name, that's what you get when you try to do to many things from memory. I guess that's what they call a Fruedian Slip.
Who does the song played at the end of the movie, and into the credits? I know the song is called "Little Light of Love", but, I cant seem to find the artist anywhere. Can someone help?
I believe it is by Peter Gabriel & Thomas Dolby - "Little Light Of Love".
Track # 25, my bad. how do yu get to use the edit feature on here anyways?
Track 1 is also RXRA (Eric Serra), not Peter Gabriel, but this is short version of track 25.