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All I can remember is"Cleveland rocks" which should be more than sufficient.

Please tell me asap

thanx, :D :D :D B)
i was wondering about that song (Five O'Clock World); i like it too! thanks!
Interesting Tid Bit: The Cleveland Rocks song by Presidents was remade from the song "England Rocks" (available on the Drew Carey soundtrack)

For those who always love originals better than re-makes, get the cd and check it out.

Originally posted by bbrocks@Jun 13 2004, 01:09 PM
i was wondering about that song (Five O'Clock World); i like it too! thanks!
The Vogues
Cleveland Rocks is originally by Ian Hunter as far as I can see (but did't I hear John Kerry try to use it too? ;-)
Hi does anyone know the title and band that sings the song used during the Drew Carey series finale? The song plays at the end of the episode when Drew and the co stars are out hanging around with the fans. The lyrics go something like "still rocking it in amercian yeah all right"

So thanks for the help in advance.
I taped the episode and its "Rock In America (You Can Still)" by the 80's band Night Ranger. Same band that gave us "Sister Christian". :p
I don't know any of the artists or song titles in the intro's, I was hoping some of you guys may know.
Presidents Of The United States Of America-Cleveland Rocks
In the first couple of seasons of "The Drew Carey Show", before the "Cleveland Rocks" theme, the theme song was Drew Carey singing a song called "Moon Over Parma".
In the middle seasons, the 60's inspired open used the song "Five O'Clock World" by The Vogues.
In the episode where Drew marries Mr. Wick what is the song that plays at the end of the episode as they flip through a photo album. It is a love song, and is something like "You turn my life around" "You help me when I am down", those aren't exactly the words but something like it.

Sounds like KC and JoJos hit "All My Life". But I havent seen that episode in forever.
iago23, thank you but I just asked someone else I knew what it was and apparrently it was Kenny Roger's "Through the Years". Thank you for your response.