The Days

does anyone know the commercial song for "The Days" on abc thats like "la la la la la la la la.... lifes too short" i'v been looking for ever!!!! :(
I am looking for the song that was playing at the end of THE DAYS show this had ....these are the days...or the days something like that..Thanks!
It was the acoustic version of "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas (the techno song that was in that car commercial awhile back...) hope that helps!!
The finale that aired last night played TWO songs from The O.C. and its soundtrack. One was Alexi Murdoch's "Orange Sky". The other one, I KNOW it is on the cd but I can't remember which song it is now. I post to an OC site and I thought people would like to know that the music on The O.C. was featured on The Days. Can someone help remind me by either the band name or the song name or even a few words? I can figure out the rest easily. I just can't remember right now, hours later. Thank you!
The Days last episode was on last sunday and I was trying to find out if anyone knows the song at the end when coopers dad comes and gets him at that girls house and then they take the girl home with them. Any help or any place that lists the songs from the show? Thanx