The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


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Does anyone know the music from the new Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas commercial? It sounds like bjg band music and shows different scenes in an elevator.
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The song for the most recent commercial which played during AMC's The Walking Dead, was Parov Stelar - "Booty Swing"
Continental Casino

There's a tv commercial for the Continental Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The song is reminiscent of a 1920's Rudy Vallee song, but with a female vocalist.

The commercial has various people appearing in an elevator. There's a person in a fuzzy bear costume with someone in S&M gear, a woman alone in a bright read dress, a woman in men's clothes a là Marlene Deitrich, and an elderly couple with a bunch of black and white Great Danes.
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It's for the Cosmopolitan, actually. But the tune is "Booty Swing' by Parov Stelar and is available on iTunes.
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