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I was at Regal Cinemas today to see Finding Neverland and they showed a trailer of The Contender (on NBC) during TheTwenty. Slightly dramatic orchestra music was playing in the background. Possibly Hans Zimmer?

- Jade
I believe that the music for Mark Burnett's productions is composed specifically for the shows.

One might think that in some cases, it sounds remarkably like a previously released track but I'm sure, as they say, such a resemblance "is purely coincidental".

Btw, what was the outcome of that lawsuit over the theme tune of Survivor?
I think they're using a real song in the ad, since it's just an ad from NBC for the show... not really a Mark Burnett produced thing, you know? ;)

Haven't heard anything new about the Survivor theme suit.
Michelle - you were right in thinking it sounds like Hans Zimmer.

He has been contracted to score the entire show.
Does anyone know if it's possible to rip just the music track from a .wmv file? I can't find the theme to the Contender anywhere, but I found a video with the song on it, on NBC's web site. Anyone else have any luck finding the song?