The Butterfly Effect


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ok, i hope someone can help..

at the end of the butterfly effect there is a song playing i think its by oasis but not sure...anyways it's when evan and kaylieh are walking and she is in the white suit and he is on the phone..and they walk past each other and when they turn? like i said i think it might be by oasis but i am not sure..can anyone help??

Thanks for you help

have a nioce day!!
Can someone please tell me what the song is in the background when Evan and Kalley are lying in bed, it's a slow song and I've looked everywhere but can't find a thing
hey..its possibly

"My Elastic Eye"
by The Chemical Brothers


"Hear You Me"
by Jimmy Eat World

is it either of thoes?
Unfortunitely it's neither of those. It might not even be an actual song, just a score made for the movie......but I WANT IT!!
Well, here's a link to the "Score" with a few audio samples. Maybe it's one of those...
oh man, i don't even think it's on the score soundtrack, none of those titles seem to fit and i've seen a lot of other posts on other sites about this song. soneone must know

do you remember any lyrics? was there any?

well i am going to see the movie again next week i wil get to hear it again!!
I couldn't hear any lyrics unless they were really quiet or summing, but anyway if you recognise it when you see it again please tell me, there must be about 50 people i've spoke to trying to find this song
Hi. For andalusial's problem... i think the solution IS the album. It has all the rest of the score to the butterfly effect, that are'nt 'pop' tunes...

If anyone knows, i'd like to know what tune is playing when Evan takes Kayleigh to that dinner, just before his car gets bust up. The tune I mean does have lycrics and is'nt on the official soundtrack... it's probably one of the tunes listed in the credits... just dont know which. It's got a male singer.
I'd be very gratefull if someone could tell me what song that was.


Thanks for that. I'm haivng to try and find out bit-by-bit which one it is from that list... <_<
anyhows, if andalusial still looks into here I've found the tune he wanted :D
When Kayleigh and Evan are in bed in college it's part of:
Departure lounge- Alone Again, And...
you hear. It's the tune, minus the vocals.

And YAY! :lol: the tune i was lookin for for so long is:

Jimmy Eat World - hear you me


thanx man, i'd given up all hope until now. you've helped at least 50 people on this one, thanx again
No problem. Was actually a joint effor by us three... B)

So everybody's happy I've now found the tune I was after you have yours... (which I like too btw.) You should check the Jimmy Eat World tune too, if ya like the 'romantic thing'.
hey i have a question, does anyone know the title of the song played when ashton and his gf are having the dinner or party in the movie, where thier both on a patio and their dressed up....its the part right before he finds out his car is totalled....its a slow rock song i believe....i know ive heard it before just dont know the name.....thx for your help
does anyone know what the song is called that is played when evan is burning all his journals and what not at the end of the movie? the song is played during the part where he passes the girl on the street.