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WELL....i am really not going to be much help even in asking my question...but you never know...anyway. i watched a movie in the last few months, i think it was a new release?!? but this is the problem, i don't remember which movie it was. there was a steve miller band song in the movie, and it was sung by a female...i like the way the song was done...but can't find it. i believe the song was 'keep on rockin' me baby'. ummmmmmm, anyone think they can help???
Hmm, I haven't been able to find it either. Do you remember what movie it was?
Ok, I couldn't really tell by your post if you were looking for the name of the song or the movie. And I still don't, but the name of the song is "Rockin' Me" by Steve Miller band of course. I couldn't find the movie it was used in. If your looking for the name of the movie it was in could you tell us what the movie was about or anything else?
i watch a lot of movies and i don't remember which movie it was, i just remember that song being in it, and i liked the female version of 'keep on rockin' me', just cant find out who it is. the part where the song came on i think someone was searching for something in a house...i think??? i not a lot of help...sorry
but that was really my question, a female version of 'keep on rockin' me' by the steve miller band.
This song was performed in the movie "Big Bounce" with Owen Wilson & Morgan Freeman. If that was the movie you saw, your song is performed by a band called Theodore (yes it's a woman that sings). I got this information from a forum that seems to have since closed the topic. However, I linked to Googles cached versions of the 3 pages that cover the topic if you want to check it out. Doesn't look like the song is available commercially though...
Originally posted by Sir_Garland@Jul 11 2005, 12:34 PM
You're so awsome ad-rock.

Impressed with my nerdly super searching skills? :blush: :lol:
How've you been? I haven't been in "the basement" in some time!
Good, I haven't been around much either. We bought a house and have been pretty busy.
thank you so much ad-rock!!! that is i know what to look for, if i can find it anywhere. and guess what?? i did watch that movie :D
thanks again ad-rock :D did you listen to either of the songs on that link? they are ok too.
I did a little, but I'm at work so I'm not having the best of luck hearing them. :p