The Bacardi Latin Quarter / Vinny Jones

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It's been on TV on and off for a couple of years now and features Vinny Jones in a DJ and bow tie marching into a lively bar, where a sultry barmaid flings a tray etc. etc. ...the slogan for the ad is (I think) "Bacardi...welcome to the Latin Quarter"

It's probably called "Turn It Up" since that's the line featured most in the music, but my 14-year-old daughter wants to know who it's by etc...

If it is called "Turn It Up", then it isn't any of the 5 different tracks I have called that. These are by:
a) The Conway Brothers,
b)The Alan Parsons Project,
c) Angel Morales,
d) JD/Dready or...
e) Simply Red

can anyone help? :(
Ooops! looks like I should have looked more closely at the "commercial breaks and beats" web site - it's by Beny Moré

CB&B is wrong. Its Richie P Vs Beny More - Turn it up (Richies turned up mix) you can find the info here

Hope this helps