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Can anyone tell me the artist and title for the opening theme for that new show The Apprentice with Donald Trump? The song starts out, "Money, money, money, mooooney".

Thanks :D
I've never seen it, but I'm fairly positive that's the O'Jays "For The Love Of Money".. someone may have also redone it, not sure.
I checked out the O'Jay's version of this song, and it's very different from what is on the show. Does anyone know who is covering it?
Originally posted by sof@Feb 2 2004, 09:00 AM
I checked out the O'Jay's version of this song, and it's very different from what is on the show. Does anyone know who is covering it?
Well, every news article and posting I've seen says it's the O'Jay's version. I'm not aware of it being a cover or remix. Where did you check out the version you heard? What did it sound like? (Was it an short audio clip/sample? A mislabeled mp3 version?)
"For the Love of Money" by the O'Jays is used for the theme during the opening credits of the Apprentice. I just watched the show tonight then listened to the song. It sounds a little different I think because they used different parts of the song during the opening. The original song is over 7 minutes long.

Hope that helps.
Check out Search the O'Jays. There are at least five or six entries for "For the Love of Money." One of the remastered versions sounds more like the version they use on the show. You can download for .99 cents.

yeah it's the same version.. i've had this song forever.. it's good stuff :)
In this week's episode of nbc's the apprentice there was some music that id like to know the name of. it was playing during the middle of the show. one of the groups has just finished doing its contest and the dude with the funky glasses says something like "drinking hot coffee is cool" or something and then the camera pulls up into the air showing the park and the tents below then it moves across the skyline and zooms in on a brick terrace on a pond, where the other team is doing their contest. i need some help.
I think the music used during the show is usually just generic stock music.
What's the name of the song (rap song) when Donald Trump got out of his limo to check the work done by Networth ?

Thank you in advance
The lyrics mentioned "Trump's rolling up, Trump's rolling up."
does any one know the name of the song they play at the end of the episode of the apprentice???
Which song... more specifically? I'm on the west coast and the Apprentice is just starting right this minute. It's 9:02 p.m. here. Tell me which one and I'll watch out for it.

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umm, the song at the end when the person is already fired and the other person is entering the dorm room again, hope that helps
Does anyone here know what the song is on the apprentice season 3 ep 6 when the donald rolls up in his limo to the graffiti to have a look? it sounds pretty sweet and its about the donald so it must be good.

thanks in advance