Telus pigs and red balloons


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Anyone know the tune from the telus commercial with the pigs and red balloons. The pigs are actually tied to the balloons and floating in the commercial.
Any help would be great.
I vaugely remember it...

Could you supply lyrics (your best guess) and other helping hints?
Well I would be glad to, but it's not in english (at least I 'm pretty sure it isn't).
Found it, 99 Red Balloons by "nena" , in case anyone else is interested.
thanks for the help though.
There are two versions of this great song, both by Nena. The English "99 Red Balloons" and the German "99 Luftballons." Both versions are found on the album "99 Luftballons."
There's this commercial that has been playing on the space channel with the red balloons and little hogs or.. pigs sitting in slings attached to the balloons. I know the song it's 99 Luft balloons, but who is the artist?
Nena does the original song.. it might be redone by someone else though, haven't seen it.. and GREAT username by the way. ;)
Yeah, nena did a remake, but another band also did one. the band name was goldfinger, and it's available by searching for 99 red balloons or 99 luftballoons at audio section.
Not that it matters too much, but an artist not listed on your cover list who also did a cover of 99 Luftballons is Nina Hagen.
I've been searching FOR EVER to find this song, and I can't find it anywhere. Its like, these pigs with ballons and a camera phone and this french song in the background, i love that song, please answer me asap?


UUMM Are The Pigs Floating On Red Ballons?

Because If They Are Its 99 Red Ballons By Nina.......Its German Not French

You Can Also Find An English Version

But Yeah If Im Wrong I Might Be But They Only One I Can Rember Is The One With The Ballons And The Balllon Song

P.S. You May Not Get Alot Of Responses Due To The Fact That Telus Is Canadian And Most Of Theses People Are American And Telus Is Mainly In BC And Alberta

So If No One Else Knows Thats Why

Hope I Helped

You can hear an audio sample of Nena's English version called "99 Red Balloons" in the link, track 1. That album also has the German version of the song, "99 Luftballoons" (no audio sample of that version though, but it sounds the same... just in German).