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I was wondering who sang it and if it's availble in the US. Sorry if this has been brought up before but I have a very slow connection(cable modem is not an option for me right now :( ) so I thought asking would be quicker than searching the archive of threads..
Thanks for any help.

Excellent!(in Mr. Burns voice)...thanks for the info. I've heard of Puffy AmiYumi but I don't think I've heard anything by them except the theme song.
Thanks again!

it's the song from the chase scene of the episode "mad mod" it sounds a bit like japanese can't really tell, but if anybody knows the artist and title I would like it very much
It's probably the Japanese rock band Puffy AmiYumi. They sing the Teen Titans theme song.

Geez, I am so embarrassed to know that one. :p

They have a hilarious cartoon on Cartoon Network. www.puffyamiyumi.com