Technoish dance song

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whats that techno dance song thats sung by the lady and it kinda goes sometin like 'your lovin keeps me alive' 'and thats what takes me highhhh' sometime like that.
i think i heard this song the other day too...and i believe it's "Don't Stop" by Anastacia.
No that's not it... i know what song you're talking about though.. it's on the tip of my tongue :angry:
nope its neither of em sry, thnx for tryin..

I believe its sung by a black lady with short hair her name begins with a S i think.....hmmm I heard this song so many times but I never got the name of it.
I totally know the song.. i think she sings that you're not alone song
Sonique also has another song called "Im Alive" the dance remixes are fabulouso!!
Try "Alive (Sfaction Mix)". Its remixed by Benny Benassi, great song.