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funny movie go see it. if you have you know what i'm talking about. a band name? actual title? thanks
You got the title right!

Performed by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, who did the voices and the puppets and pretty much everything else.....

Is on the soundtrack album which will be in stores on November 2.

Unconfirmed reports that the album may be available exclusively online on October 19.
Team America

Well, i bought the team america album for one reason: I wanted to hear an excellent instrumental track. And guess what? It wasnt on there! The song was on when Team America went into the long room to fight with the Film Actors Guild near the end of the movie.... They were walking all SLO-MO, and as they opened the doors, this music played.... It is seriously a very famous song which ive heard numerous times especially in commercials. Anyone know what its called? It may have been in maybe last years' Jaguar vehicle commercials... Ive been looking for so long, can anyone help? :(
Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei, on the Kill Bill 1 Soundtrack, audio sample track 9. Previously mentioned here.
Oh DAMN..... wow... thats it..... holy.... Ive been looking for this song for... SO long... i dont know what to say.... THANK YOU SO MUCH..... wow... i love this site..... :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the tune in Team america that plays when in the scene where the main guy turns up and says "oh my god what the hell happened" mount rushmore has been destroyed as he looks it plays.

Its been in another film like a horror movie or something, like one about the church and god and christianity.

It has a women/or guy with a high voice going "AAAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAA" like a person in a church choir.
Hi, I recently posted a question asking if anyone knew the sound clip that plays in Team America immediately after Gary returns to Mount Rushmore and notices its been destroyed. He then says something like “what the hell happened?” or whatever then the tune plays for about 2 seconds.

So far I’ve had two answers one told me who composed the soundtrack, and the other told me some complete nonsense that I didn’t understand.

This tune is unaccredited in the film. I have the DVD and have checked the credits and trawled the net to find out but still no luck therefore I am posing the question again.

The tune is of a lady or boy singing in a high pitched voice. It’s very choir sounding. No lyrics just “ AHHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHH AHHHH AHHHH!”. The tune has been in another film about god and the devil or something similar e.g. End of days.

Please someone put an end to my search.


KPC :)
Found the answer myself it is the main title of end of days but simplified a little
There is a small sound clip in the movie "Team America - World Police" at 1 hour 17 minutes in that I have been trying to find the artist of. It's been in several movies and a car commercial (can't remember what make though...) It's all instrumental and has a sharp repetitive beat with some brass horns in parts. It isn't in any soundtrack that I can find so far. I believe this song was in one of the Charlies angels movies as well. It seems as though every time I have heard it, it's in a scene where the group of people or team in the movie is walking down a hall in slow motion about to go out on some big mission... I know this is a vague description, but I really hope someone will know!! TIA -James
Well Folks, sorry to be an uninitiated "newbie" to this forum. My multiple searches prior to posting turned up nothing, but after a few other tries I see that this was answered here over a year ago. The song was Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei. Sorry for the repeat question!! -James
No worries sunshine. Now I have to go listen to that... :)