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Does anyone know where I can find out whether or not the singer in the new Target commercial is actually Sir Mix-A-Lot? This is the one with the backpacks, singing a varied version of "Baby Got Back".

I swear its him and I've seen much bigger names than Sir Mix singing for Target ads. My husband says, "No way."

I Googled everything I could think of but couldn't find any reference to it. Maybe its too new? I need a link to a news article or something--he won't buy it if my only proof is that people in a forum agree with me. :)

Maybe I'm wrong on this, but it sure sounds like him to me.

Prove me right or wrong?
Well, I don't know for sure (yet), but it sounds like him. And he's remade that song countless times (including as a ringtone), so he's certainly not "above" singing the new version.
It sure sounds like him. I was hoping somebody would be able to help me figure it out one way or the other...

Thanks for the reply!