Tanqueray Tony Sinclair ads


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Alright. This has a neat Piano riff going in the song.

And it is the commercial where "Tony Sinclair" the black dude is sitting in a chair. And some old white guy is carving an ice cube into a perfect square. Then he puts the ice cube into the gin and Sinclair says "Well you wouldn't put a donkey in the Kentucky derby would you?" Or something along those lines.

But the song sounds familiar and I was wondering if anyone knows what it is.

And yes I tried the search option first.
If it's one of the 'Tony Sinclair' ads, the music has been specially commissioned from two production companies:

'Mmm' & 'Shrimp' by Q DEPARTMENT.

'Gem Cutter' & 'Iceberg' by MUSIC BEAST.
There was this Tanqueray commercial where Tony Sinclair was in this tent in the middle of like, nowhere. lol. There was a guy playing music on glasses, if that helps. Thanks!
any help on this one? tony sinclaire is sitting on a freighter in the arctic.. and he is observing an iceberg.. he says something like, ive heard theres a million ice cubes in one of those things...

so whats the music then?

I'm bringing this one back up to ask about the newer Tony Sinclaire ad where he's getting off an elevator (I think). I don't even remember what it sounds like. I just made a note reminding myself to ask....I'm such a dork. :blink:
I don't know where I got the elevator from. It's this commercial. Sorry for the double post, guys. :duh:
This commercial? The person who posted this on youtube is apparently the one who's singing it. You could probably ask them. Sounds like a version of "Deck the Halls" to me.
Another Tanqueray / Tony Sinclair - "always in moderation" ad.
Running on the air in East coast USA on or about first week of December 2007.

Snooty Party, some slovenly dude loading up a plate with 5 pounds of shrimp
from the hour dourve table.

Tony Sinclair announces himself and notes "Just like shrimp cocktail, tanqueray is best when enjoyed in moderation.

There is a subtle jazzy lounge piece in the background.
If anyone has the answer I'd love to know what it is a piece of.

About the Tony Sinclair commercial "Shrimp"...Always in moderation.

This was in fact done by "Q Department" just of rthe commercial as someone noted earlier...( http://www.qdepartment.com/commercial.php )

However the loop they used has been tormenting me for weeks.
Another forum user indicated it sounded like something from the 80's or 90s'...

I think they were right. The loop that "Q Department" used is very close to the signature from "Everything She Wants" by Wham/Make It Big, from 1986.

It's jazzed up a bit but the core riff is right there.
Just in case any of you were curious.


PS...Love this site.
Wow !!! Thanks for that last post...been driving me nuts (and my girlfriend who's been listening to me sing that low part to her trying to figure out what that song was..) for over a month....just listened to it on rhapsody and ...... relief. :p