sweet november song not enya


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I know it is old and I have no link, but in the trailer for Sweet November there was a song that was not enya but something along those lines. I can't seem to find the trailer that had it in it, b/c the only one has the enya song??? Any help?
I only know of the Enya one... You sure it's not "Only Time"? Link goes to available audio sample, track 3.
Positive...when the movie came out years ago there were 2 different trailers, one with the enya song in it and another with the song that I am looking for. It was a very moving song and I haven't been able to find it, it is not on the soundtrack either. I am new to this site so I didn't know if someone else knew what I was looking for or not. A long shot I know...but anyone?
Well here's a long shot answer then. Loreena McKennit - "Bonny Portmore." I don't even remember the movie or it's trailers, who was in it, or anything else about it. But McKennit is kinda Enya like and that song is used here and there for movies and trailers.
No, good song though. Any way that I can find other trailers than the main ones and then maybe we can track it down from there?
It was when the movie was coming out and you know how there are different versions...this was the first one before they added the enya song. It's not one on the soundtrack either?? All the website that I have found that have old trailer only have the one trailer. Any ideas?