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A commercial for the Suzuki XL-7 is currently running in the US (at least here int he Pacific Northwest) that features the song "Route 66". Anyone know who does this version? Thanks!

I think that version is sung by "Asleep at the Wheel" I dunno which albun tho, it might be on songs of route 66
A friend asked if I knew about who recorded the version of Route 66 in a (he thinks) new Chevy commercial. I looked back at the posts and saw a reference to a Suzuki commercial but I doubt that he could mix up those two companies.

Anyone seen this one? I have not, so I'm afraid I can't provide more details.



It was the Suzuki commercial. My bad.

In the immortal words of Emily Litella: Never Mind.
The new Subaru TV spot shows the car (a Forester?) in a variety of out west scenes dominated by highway motels, drive-ins, etc with large Subaru specific signs. The music is an arrangment of Rt. 66 by ? Anybody know this particular group and/or arrangment? Thanks.

Thanks for making order out of chaos (and answering the question along the way)

Originally posted by Rye Catcher@Feb 12 2004, 03:42 PM
Thanks for making order out of chaos (and answering the question along the way)
No problem. ;)
This version of Route 66 really rocks! I'm a jazz enthusiast, and never considered even listening to another version of Route 66. But, to my pleasant surprise, I really think I like this version as much as Nat King Cole's version. Does anyone know the name of the album, or perhaps download site (heaven forbid I suggest a free download site.). :unsure:

did you read JCA's post? He gives you a link to the album.

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