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ok guys i am desperate here. i have been trying everything to find out what band/song is played at the end of the commercial for vh1's the surreal life w/ flava, bridge and yada yada. if anyone could help me out with this i will thank you a zillion times :D
can you describe the song ? genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
I've been looking for them too if we're talking about the same band. They kind of sound like the Talking Head's, but I haven't heard it enough to say if it's a new band or a song from the past.
every time i see a surreal life commercial, they always play modest mouse "float on" song at the end of it...maybe that's the one...?

link to audio, track#3
Ameliemellow .... That's it!! You are awesome. Thanks for the quick response. My search has finally come to an end :) Take care ...