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Does anyone know the title/artist for the song used in the recent Sunkist soda commercial? The only lyrics I can distinguish are 'uh-huh'. It's by a guy. It's been stuck in my head for 4 hours.:blink: Thanks.
could anyone tell me anything about the song used in the new sunkist commercial? it's hip-hop, male vocals. i don't remember much of how the spot went, but it had scenes of people drinking sunkist and having an orange glow around them. examples would be kids playing in their band, people dancing in a club, a couple guys playing video games, etc.
I need to figure out whats the new sunkist ad... couldnt make out the lyrics but its the one with hip hop kinda music.

Yeah i'm trying to figure it out too--it sounds like Petey Pablo..after each lyric he says uh huh in a deep voice.It's tight!
K y'all i found it--it's "BLACKALICIOUS - Reanimation"

It's the Gift, uh-huh
Here to give your mortal mind a lift, uh-huh
Mack rap verbally pimp, uh-huh
Lace another rhythm with my sig-na-ture (the Gift, uh-huh)
It's the Chief, uh-huh
Tearing up the drum and bringing heat, uh-huh
Block shock, thunderous beats, uh-huh
Blazing on your local ghetto street corner (the Chief, uh-huh)
Originally posted by doob31469@May 15 2005, 10:14 PM
K y'all i found it--it's "BLACKALICIOUS - Reanimation"
Available on the album "Nia," track 15.
does anybody know the song or artist of the track in the latest sunkist orange beverage commercial currently airing on mtv. The ad consist of kids drinking sunkist while a dj is spinning a song in the background. I love the beat and am dying to figure out who the hell it is.
Does anyone know the name of the song in this commorcial? Its pretty much the only sunkist commercial out there, but it has a lot of people dancing at a party and they're all drinking sunkist (what fun...).
There's a commercial that's like a bunch of kids at a garage party and there's a song that says something about a thunderous beat...anyone know what it is?
Sunkist soda

In a new Sunkist ad, there's a hip-hop song that's far too catchy. It's probably by Jurassic 5 since it sounds like them, but I'm not sure. Anybody have some more info?
Is it "Reanimation" By: Blackalicious? Just because someone else asked a question about a Sunkist ad and that was the answer. If thats not the right song, could you describe the ad please?
Its the one where people drink sunkist and they glow...=/
UIts the newest noe I believe and my girlfriend wants it -.-;;
I went over to the Sunkist Soda website ...

According to it, song you're looking for ...

Blackalicious - "Reanimation" - CD: Nia

You can even watch the TV spot there ...

There you go.