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ok, does anyone know what song is playing on the WB's summerland beginnings commercial? it's a guy singing that too.. could be jesse mccartney, i have no idea but it's the only song playing on that one..
I've changed the topic title for this thread. It's best to put a relevant title, such as the title of the show or product featured in the ad, as opposed to a generic "I Need to Know this Song" type title.
ok, maybe THIS will help.... it SOUNDS like [i'm definitely not sure if this is right or not] the song goes.. 'Oooooooooooooo, stick around...' something something... does anyone know what song i'm talking about now?
Hey, I know last summer they used 'Perfect Time of Day' by Howie Day, but I don't think those lyrics are in that song. Figured I'd give it a shot
i listened to it, and that's not the song.. thanks though.
The only song I remember them using more than once is that song by The Calling, called "Our Lives".......

Continuing to "bump" the topic isn't going to help us help you. You need to add more details in your replies regardless of how insignificant you may think they are -- it might help someone recongize what you're looking for.

Have you tried contacting the WB and asking if they have any info? Do you remember any more lyrics to the song? Have you seen the ad again recently? During any particular show? etc..
I think the song you want is "Existentialism on Prom Night" by Straylight Run....

hi, does anybody know what song is played on the newest Summerland commercials on the WB? it sounds like a guy and a girl and very 'story of the year'-ish .. i really really wanna know cause i love it!! its the commercials for the season premiere, please someone let me know!! :p
nope, that's not it... it sounded boy-bandish, and the lyrics sounded like they went like 'ooooooOoo stick around heere.. for..' something.. i don't know exactly, i don't think they're showing the commercial anymore now since the new summerland is back on but they were playing it about a month or so ago.