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Does anyone happen to know the theme song for the WB's series Summerland? All I know is, that is starts out, "When I see your smile, I know everything is ok.." but that's all I happen to know. Please help me, thank you. :(
I looked here and there wasn't anything. Perhaps they'll update it in the future. Who knows......... <_<
I don't think there are very many WB watchers so I don't know how many people would've even seen the ad you're refering to. :unsure: I know I never will unless they advertise on another network. :p
You should have tried doing some research. I googled "Summerland theme song" and nobody seems to know. It might be "Beautiful Day," but there's no artist.
Yeah I tried searching for it on yahoo and other various search engines, by putting in the lyrics of what I knew, and got some results, except all the pages came out "Page Not Found" so I wasn't sure... :(
Anyone know the song playing at the end of the Summerland episode? Where they're just showing everyone and what they're doing? And it ends with Ava on the beach?