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Ugh... this has been kinda killing me... i've been scouring the net for this answer (including the subway website). It has a bunch of clips of people talking including Jered etc... and the only lyrics i can make out is "... maybe tomorrow... maybe yesterday ..."
Subway has this commercial where it shows a bunch of different kids talking about how old they are, showing their "fat pants", etc. In the background there is this music playing that I've heard before so many times, but I have no idea what it is. It's this really high-pitched ringing, throughout the commercial. Really hard to describe. Anyone know what it is?
I need the song from this commercial. Its the one where it shows all the people (including Jered) saying "I choose..." then whatever it is they choose... I think Jered says "I choose a smaller size".
I don't know for sure, but I think that the music is from the movie "TRAFFIC". That movie had a nice soundtrack, which I haven't thought about for a while until the Subway commercial came along.

I came here looking to find out for sure. Maybe someone can confirm?
If we're thinking of the same commercial and the same song, I think it's music from the movie "Traffic".
Ok, after a few minutes on google, I think I found an audio clip of the final song on the Traffic soundtrack. Is this it?
I have a feeling this one might get some inquiries, and since it's a relatively old/obscure song I figured I'd sign up and identify it: Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

Enjoy :)
The "... maybe tomorrow... maybe yesterday ..." part is from one of the people speaking and not part of the song.

I think your looking for "An Ending" by Brian Eno.
The song is on the 28 Days Later soundtrack.