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Recently I've seen the new Subaru commercial with Lance Armstrong as endorser. The song being played in the background sounds very familiar, and I'm trying to find out what exactly it is.
Dang it, I just SAW that, like 5 seconds ago, but I can't hear the music in my head because that REO Speedwagon "Riding The Storm Out" from the dumb ol' Vanilla Pepsi commercial is in my head.. LOL
If I see it again I'll pay better attention.. is it like a pop song, something they'd play on the radio, or a classical piece?
It's a pop song...with a somewhat punk-y start/stop melody line. Only the instrumental part of the song is being played, though - no lyrics.
Ah, I found it! It's "Bell Bottoms" by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, from their 1994 album Orange.
Good find, thanks for postin that, it was driving me up the wall. ;)