Stuck on You

I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know if this is the right song... However, I read on the message boards that Kinnear sings a song called "Summertime," and that the closest version available to his (sound wise) is Billy Stewart's version. You can listen to an audio sample of the song here.
Yeah I'm back again with another (hopefully not impossible) request.

I'm looking for a song on the Stuck on You soundtrack, obviously. It plays when the two brothers are about to go under the knife and the hispanic chick and the asian chick are in the waiting room. It's a slower song.

I'll be back with my rendition of the lyrics later if no one can figure it out off the top of their head. I think it goes something like "when it all comes/goes down...I can see the smallest world..." something like that. I'll be back though, it's always on TV.
Ok I'm back. Yeah its when they're in surgery and the girls are in the waiting room. It's a guy singing over a piano and a light drum beat. It goes:

When it all comes down
And you hear this sound, deep inside of (too quiet to decipher)
I can almost see
The smallest light, deep insde of (too quiet to decipher again)
When the timing's right
And the city light, shines upon your wall
I can almost see
The smallest world(?), it's dark inside of me

Ok thanks.
... not again.

i think the world is conspiring against me. it creates all these songs that only exist in my imagination

can anyone please tell me the name of that 40's sounding song at the end of stuck on you with greg kinnear?the name and the singer???
does anyone know who sing the original version of the "summertime" song sang by greg kinnear at the end of this movie?thank you
From the imdb website:
from opera "Porgy and Bess"
Written by George Gershwin
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward & Dorothy Heyward
Produced by Michael Andrews

-So basically I guess it depends on what recording of the opera that you find. Search "porgy and bess" on amazon and it should give you a few choices.

Hope that helps!:)
Been looking (Forever) for a song from the movie Stuck on You. The chorus goes something like this from wat I can remember:

I came in through the window
sleeping with my clothes
car parked on the front lawn
and I'm
sorry that you're gone

I think it might be a song by unbusted, but since I can't find that song anywhere i'm not sure...
There is a song on the "Stuck On You" soundtrack called "Seed To Sow" by Unbusted, but unfortunately it appears that you are right about it pretty much no longer being available, anywhere.
Apparently, Avril Lavigne has also done a cover of this song. :eek:

I'm pretty sure now that the song is "Another wasted weekend" by Unbusted.... too bad I can't find that song anywhere....
I stand totally corrected XD It is "My own worst enemy" by Lit. Thanks a lot!
I was typing at about the same time as ktb3712 and didn't reload the topic before I hit post... if I had seen his post, I probably wouldn't have posted mine since he clearly knows better than I do!