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I have seen the commercial on SPIKE tv while watching the James BOnd 007 days of christmas. The name of the commercial is "Frozen" it shows different people in a frozen apartment, towards the end it shows some people in a frozen lounge drinking the vodka and listening to a slow tempo techno song. You only hear it for about 3-4 seconds but I'm dying to know the DJ/song title.
I dont know how to descirbe the song really, as you only hear it for ~7 seconds. My guess is that its about 110-120 BPM, splashy symbols and distorted bass.
The advertisement in the link is one in the same.
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Don't know if this helps but here's a link describing the spot:

Spot link
Music by Human, NY, though that means nothing to me.

Also, here's info on the campaign

I am very curious to find this song out too. The commercial only plays on Spike from what I've read.
I believe the music is done by Ben Human; the song sounds similar to parts of The Right Hand Of Doom (about 1 minute in). Hard telling because the commercials only on about once a day and i forgot exactly what it sounds.
anyone know the music playing in a recent Stolichnaya Vodka ad. The commercial begins with people in apartments finding various things frozen, the camera then sweeps up a floor to an apartment that is completey frozen over, including the speakers playing the music.. its very bass heavy music downbeat kinda stuff. thanks :)
Track was composed specifically for the ad by HUMAN, a music production company.

You can view the commercial on their website (Reels).
Russian Vodka

do you know the vodka commercial where the guy is sittin on the couch and he gets up and puts his feet onthe floor and its frozen...then it shows the chick in the bathroom and open the medicen cabient and everything if frozen...then it goes too the apt that is havin a party...and everything is frozen but they are showing a bottle of vodka.....what is the music playing in the background?
Hey, so the new Stoli commercials have a killer tune yeh... Anyways, I know there was already a thread about this, though it's closed, but here is an interesting fact.

Human produced the song for the commercial right... well they have taken the entire flash content page offline, so many went for that very commercial that it was crashing their

I guess that tune really caught some peoples ear, I know it got me.
Also, because it was asked in the last thread but not answered.
What kind of music would this be?

If I had to guess I'd say it would fall under techno/electronica Drum and Base, but it doesnt exactly follow that pattern. Maybe Industrial? So what does everyone else think?
Its sounds like dubstep to me. No other genre I know of is that bassy and plain cool sounding. (But the rhythm is more straightforward and mainstream sounding than most dubstep so it might actually be some bass heavy downtempo subgenre of trance.) Particularly check Kode 9, Distance & Quiet Storm, Hatcha, N-Type, and Search & Destroy.
Definetely not Ben Human I checked out The Right Hand of Doom track on line, I didn't think it was a match or even close. I was able to make a seemless sample loop from the commercial but I imagine the rest of the song is equally as interesting. The loop gets old after a while. I wonder why it is so hard to pin this track down...
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Spot link
Music by Human, NY, though that means nothing to me.
I believe "Human" is a music production house, that composes short tracks to be used in advertising and other media...