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Anyone knows the intrumental song when E.D.I. crashed against the chopper??? Its not on the soundtrack
i saw stealth last week and the only thing that caught my attention was the soundtrack to this movie. theres a scene where the pilots are vacationing in thailand, theres a bunch of cut scenes of the place ex. (jessica Biel in a 2 piece bikini taking pictures by a waterfalls) and in the backgorund plays a newage/ ambient type song it sounds nice and goes with scenary real well, this song does not come out in the soundtrack and for the past week ive been trying to figure out who plays this song or who produced it and what the name of it is. if any one has any info. or know something bout it i would appreciate the help.
On that aircraft carrier, there is a song playing in jessica biel's room when she is sitting on that blue ball looking over the schematics of the stealth plane on her computer screen

anyone know what it is??
I saw the tracklisting from BT but it doesn't offer a song title, it's listed as EDI's Sacrifice. Anyone know how to can find this song without buying the whole album?