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This song is in the starz channel commercial. When they are showing clips of the different movies like peter pan and scary movie 3 this song is playing in the background. Some of it is like lets go to a place only you an me know. Any know the title? Thanks.
Does anyone know the artist/title of the song that the cable network, Starz, is playing in their latest promo ad? The ad :unsure: features shots from Kill Bill, Pirates of Carribean, Lost in Translation, 21 Grams, Cold Mountain, Bad Santa, etc.
Can you describe the music? lyrics? vocals? tempo?
Yes, it's slow and I think the chorus goes somehing like: if you had a moment, why don't we go...". It sort of reminds you of Coldplay.
I am trying to find that too, and desperately so. I've heard that it is on the radio around here (Western NY), though I haven't personally heard it. It does sound a lot like Chris Martin from Coldplay singing, and for a bit I thought it might be Muse, but it isn't. PLEASE HELP!
I saw that this had been answered in another post but it is Keane with Somewhere Only We Know.
Yes Yes Yes!!! Thank You!! Thank You!! It is Somewhere Only We Know by Keane!!!
crank, i think you may have been listening to the same station as me, cause i heard it, but didn't know who sang it, and it's been driving me nuts!