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Anyone know the song from "STARVED" that played when the main character was about to have sex with the girl he had just met? nice song. good show.
Yeah, I want to know too. In fact, is there a listing of songs from this show?...anyone...
I looked it up and it's made by citizen cope.
Not sure exactly which song it is.

But seriously, if anyone knows where to find a list of
the songs played on this show, I would highly appreciate it.
I've already checked their site. Thanks.
two songs from Starved, episode on 8/25 I think.

one song is when billie and sam are talking in the women's bathroom after he catches billie and his date making out.

the other is at the end of the show when sam is standing on the sidewalk watching them leave in a cab, then he goes nuts trying to find the nemo's cakes to eat.

both are mellow, acoustic style songs with female vocals
Several of the songs about which the group has inquired have been answered, but a few still stick out from the pack...

Slow, emotional tune at the end of episode 4?

Many of Eric Schaeffer's films have featured music by Amanda Kravat. "If Lucy Fell," for instance, included a whole disc of Amanda's one-time group called "Marry-Me-Jane."

That episode 4 track sounds an awful lot like Amanda, but I have yet to turn it up. Can anyone else dig deeper on that lead??
Just finished watching the new episode of Starved on FX (best show on the air!)...does anyone know the last track they play on the episode?

Not sure - to which episode are you referring?

Some recent memorable songs at episode-ends...

Jill Sobule - "Clever"
(this one was played during episode, "3D" where Billie steals Sam's date - the red shoe British tea biscuit model)

Joseph Arthur - "Exhausted"
(played during episode "Viva la Cucaracha," where Sam goes on a water-bug killing rampage despite his vegan girlfriend's objections)
Any guess as to the song playing in the background at the restaurant when Sam is trying to find out from 'subway girl' whether or not she's had any diseases?

The only lyric that I remember was something to the effect of: 'let's get back together again.' Folksy, female singer.

Any assistance would be appreciated.