Starmark / Mercedes-Benz Commercial


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Remember this commercial back in 2003?

Still no idea who the artist really is...
YES! I always wondered who sang that version. I know The Flamingos did the original but I like that Mercedes version a lot. I also would like to know who did this one if anyone has a clue...
I did online searches, and all i found was "Mary Miller" or "Pamela Miller" but those are just suggestions. I'm looking into that right now, I will try to update.
i looked on google and went to an old forum from 2003 and it said it was Pamela Miller but it might not have ever been released, but i'm not sure.
the site i got this at was <>

hope this helps
heh rob, i'm actually posted on there, Richard from California. This song is a remake. There are a bunch of artist that did remakes in the 80's. Sounds nothing like the upbeat remake. Lyrics are the same but the way it sounds is awesome.