I hear that it might be an unreleased track by David Holmes. At least unreleased for the moment. He has composed for movies such as Ocean's Eleven and Out of Sight.

But if any one hears different it would be great to know because that's a cool track.
I love David Holmes' work and it would only make sense that this sweet song could be one of his. I hope we find out what it is sometime.

I have good news and I have bad news...

Good news: I just watched the movie last night and liked it alot. The song that was used in the trailer was also used in the movie (airport scene near the end) along with other really cool songs. I believe it was done by David Holmes along with Free Association (whoever that is..) at least thats what it said on the credits.

Bad News: I don't think the soundtrack is available...if anything, at least not yet...
anyone know what the song is thats used in the Stander trailer? I know its in the movie durring the airport sequence I think but theres no soundtrack for the film