Spring Break Shark Attack


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Does anyone know the song title and artist for the slow song that played while Charlie and Danielle danced when they met at the party? The words are:

Why do I have to be the one who tries to keep you here next to me
Why do I have to see forever in your eyes looking back at me
I ask myself if am I supposed to know how to hold and still let you go

Any help would be appreciated.
The song is by Jennifer Paige. She mentions it on her website:


Now, can you help me? I'm trying to find out who sings the great dance tune that was playing when they had people come over to their condo while the girl was looking at the video that her boyfriend shot on his camera. The video of him with another girl. The lyrics that I caught are:

Now you belong in my arms
I want to be with you tonight
every other night
just from now until forever
I wanna be with you tonight
I don't need a reason why we were meant to be together

I was just standing there only thinking
you were looking in my direction
pulling me closer with (?) intention

After PJ slipped a pill into Daniel’s drink, PJ escorted Daniel back to the house party; there was this club-style or techno-type music playing in the background. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the lyrics… However, I do know it was a female voice singing the song…

Does anybody know the name of that song or can direct me to where I can find out the music credit?

I finally got an answer to my original post. Jennifer Paige herself actually repsonded to my post on her website and posted a file of the song. It was very nice of her.

The song title is Livin It Today. You can find it here:


I searched around and could not find the answer to your other song request. Sorry.