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I was just wondering if anyone was watching the Godfather this weekend. It's on spike tv for father's day. Right before it comes back on from commercial and sometimes right after it takes a commmercial break, there a thing that says "you are watching the godfather." It has this sweet music to it. I think it's a different version of the godfather music. Does anyone know if it is or where we can find a copy of it. Thanks. It's on sat. and sun. so watch!!
Holy Crap.

I just joined to find the same song.

It's the one from the commercials that played last week, right?
Can you describe the music? Genre/type, any lyrics, etc...
If Im thinking of the same song its this nice tense sounding acoustic guitar with no lyrics. Thats all I can remember.

Im looking for this song too. :)
ya it's an acoustic guatar that plays a song in the backgroud. the song sounds sooo familiar but i cant put my finger on it. any ideas??
I was wondering about that too! Is it possibly music from the Godfather?
I've been acquiring a few songs from the movies, and I haven't heard anything similar to the music in those commercials.
It's Definately NOT from the Godfather soudntrack. The song seems way to modern, it almost has a 'dance' beat to it. I was thinking of posting on here when they were airing that commercial and I kept forgetting.