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In the newest Special K commercial, a woman goes to her fridge, moves a cake out of the way so she can get milk to pour on her late night snack. The music starts just as she reaches for the milk ... and I'd love to know what it is.
theres a new special k comercial, somthing about if you have special k as your night snak rather then other junk food it will help ya loose weight, but theres a song on it, its catchy and slightly rock.

what is it called, whose it by??????????????????
im not kidding its a real commercial....any one else know what im talking about?
I've seen this commercial with the woman who gets cereal instead of cake in preparation for a trip to the bahamas (or maybe it's bermuda), but it seems like no one here knows anything more at this point in time. Your post was, after all, not even up for 24 hours. Next time I see it I'll try to catch the lyrics.
After a lot of research...I mean a lot...I have an answer! The song is by Collective Soul and it's on their Youth album released in 2004. The song is called Better Now. Enjoy!
Thanks! I'm glad someone found it... I went on iTunes to download it and there is actually a mix that was done for the movie "Cursed". It's pretty good.
thanks very much everybody, haha yeah i know it wasnt posted up for that long but to me music is like air, so needless to say i may be alittle imp :D atient at times, thanks again tho! :D :D :D
Does anyone know the song from the Special K cereal comercial where a woman reaches into a fridge, pushes a cake aside and grabs some milk and then pours a bowl of cereal. the lyrics are something like "let the worlrd know, gonna shout out, i'm getting better now" I think it was also in a car commercial
This has already been answered in another thread.

The song is by Collective Soul, called "Better Now".
Originally posted by StarFairy@Jul 1 2005, 05:14 PM
I love this song! It's called "Better Now" by Collective Soul. Track 1
Also available for download through this direct link at .

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