Sony Bravia TV bouncing balls


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Does anyone know what the mellow tune used in the ad for the Sony "Bravia" widescreen TV. Graphics involve blue & pink flowing colours, and says something about being for both men and women...
Have you guys seen these 2 commercials. They're pretty cool and I'm trying to find the music to both of them. Any ideas?
does anyone know the song that is playing in that ad with all the little balls bouncing down the street. it is for some bravia tv.
any help would be great. thanks
I saw the new canon ad the other night and it had this awesome song playing in the background but i don't know what it's called or who it's by. The ad is the one with all the bouncy balls bouncing down the street, there are millions of them. If someone knows waht the song is please let me know :)
Yup, it's from sony bravia, and the song is jose gonzalez - heartbeast and original song is the knife - heartbeats (like the jose gonzalez one better :) )
whats the song played in the Bravia new LCD tv.
its like all colored balls coming down the street ?