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there is this song, it's kinda a love song maybe i heard it at a bar from the jukebox and i swear i have gone through every song in there and still can't find it, it's pretty recent at least in the last ten years, alternative sounds like pearl jam or it might be vertical horizon something like that and i think its about unrequited love, sorry i cant think of any of the lyrics..PLEASE HELP
no that's not it, now that i think of it i listened to all the ertical horizon songs and i don't think it is them, it is driving me crazy!!

as far as i can remember it may be about two friends that start to fall for each other, it was really popular and it is a band similar to vertical horizon, i think the song came out when they got big too
Here's a few that were popular around that time. They're all complete shots in the dark...

"Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus
"Inside Out" Eve 6
"Hanging By A Moment" by Lifehouse
"Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)" by Nine Days
"Little Black Backpack" by Stroke 9
Not 'alternative,' but "Crazy For This Girl" by Evan & Jaron
i used to remember like one line, but now i don't it was like weeks ago that i heard it and i searched forever then just forgot about it until i found this site, i will try some of those in a minute
it's none of those, it wasn't as fast as any of those
yes, possibly 2000-01. the guy has a lower voice, it was popular,