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does anyone know the name of this dance song with a chorus that goes " you can reach the sunshine..." or something. a guy sings it.
Have you done a lyrics search on Google or Yahoo?

Can you describe the song any better? genre/type, tempo, instruments used, lyrics, male/female vocals?
Hey, that's a good song! :) :whistle:

hmmm...Why does that sound so familar? Have I heard that before? :confused:

Did they sample that? :huh:
It was a pretty big song about 6 years ago.. it was everywhere..

God it reminds me SO MUCH of my ex..
It wasn't len, it is more of a recent song that is probably under the dance genre and played in clubs.
maybe it sounds so familiar because it samples from another song...wasn't it "more more more"?
You know I don't think this is it because no one's heard of them (except stephanie :D ) but I'll give it a go. In a vitaminsforyou CD (their only one so far) there's a song with the chorus saying "If you're away in sunshine, I won't cry. If you're away in snowfall, I'll see you.". It's kind of newer sounding though: his voice was filtered I think, and the beat is pretty cool. Probably not it, but a great song anyways.