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ERRRR...! Im Looking For The Name Of A Song, But The Problem Is It Didnt show On Any Commercials! All I Remeber Is That It Had A Little Boy And Girl, When They Are Introduced They Are In There Beds, And Then At Some Point The Girl Is Crying While Looking In A Mirror(I Think), And Near The End The Boy Is Looking At The Window. Im Sorry But Thats All I Remember. <_< Any Help Will Be Gratefully Appreciated!
I'm sorry, but you're writing style totally makes my eyes go cross-eyed when trying to read it. It's really distracting. <_<

As for the song, I have no clue. Do you remember what genre of music it was? Any lyrics? Male/female? Etc...
You know, i'm really curious how you got into that habit to capitalize every word. Do you do that for school work too? :p
I know I have to capitalize like that for several of the searchable fields when putting a new ad in the system. There's enough variety that I don't have to do it constantly though. So I could see a similar setting which would put the habit in a person.
Yeah I Do Do It For School Work, But Not Writing Work, And To Tell You The Truth I Have No Idea How I Came To Do This? <_<