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What was the song that was played over the end of the show Cracking Up with Molly Shannon? It was were the shrink was holding hands with the family around the table and looking up.
Can you describe the song? Remember any lyrics? Type of music, etc...
It was strings and I think a little acoustic guitar. Almost like chamber music. Nice piece but I didn't recognize it. I'd like to know too which is too bad since I don't think that the show is going to last long enough to merit a website. :(
The only other info I can give you is that in the credits it said something like main title theme and something else was performed by Jason Scharztmen. He plays the doctor on the show. The song itself was mind tempo and mody.
Well apparently a website existed before the show even aired. :lol: Gotta love the networks sometimes. ;)
The Schwarztman bio is interesting as it references him as having recently resigned as lead drummer for Phantom Planet.
Still looking for that music though.
I too would like to know what that music at the end was.

and i think it did have lyrics. not just instrumental
Different song....I think....... but check the link that I put up.
i went back to my tape and caught the lyrics "its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me"

found out its "Feeling Good" -Muse
Originally posted by mercury2142@Mar 10 2004, 06:51 AM
The song itself was mind tempo and mody.
Well putting the quote posted through a Google search brings up a strings concert in Colorado Springs and that's the music I remember from the scene of all of them sitting around the table holding hands.
I saw another episode last night with another scene of them sitting around the table but I don't recall whether or not there was music.
The link I posted says that in the episode I'm thinking of the table scene was at the end as you say. So now I'm confused. *shrugs*