Song I heard in improv club


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Ok, I went to a improv club tonight and heard a familiar song that I haven't heard since I tried to find it when I had first heard it. I only heard the beginning of the song because they played short beginning clips of songs during the beginning of each new skech. I am 98% sure that the song was used in the commercials for Runaway Jury when it was first comming out in theaters. And I am pretty sure the first lyrics were "we got rules to follow" but it was loud with all the people talking and laughing. The song sounded like an electric guitar at the beginning with six loud beats. Thanks for all your help, and I hope that is enough information!!
YAY!! I found it, I heard it on the radio and they said the name after it was over. It's "No One Knows" By: Queens of the Stone Age. Thanks for your help, if you helped. LOL