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A friend and I made this retarded movie once and we did this stupid execrise video lol. He has this tv yu can listen music on and see the artist - title, unfortunately when we were busy making the vid, I didn't hear the song but back at home on my compiter I thuoght it was awesome.
It's this techno-ish beat, dance kinda music. It sounds sorta deep and the only lyrics I can hear is this guy singing :"I'm a singer.... I'm a singer..... " etc. It's said slower than you might read it. BUT it might be something else, it's a little unclear, it could be like :"I'm a seagul" or "sin girl" lol or w/e but it's something with Imma Si..... something. I also wondered if someone can maybe host music samples instead of pics, maybe that works??
Another guess...
"I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock & Roll Band)" by The Moody Blues?

Edit: Seeing "I'm a singer, I'm a singer" triggered me into thinking "Amadeus, Amadeus"
Guess 2..."Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco
Nah, none of all that :( thanks for all the help though. It's really a dance/techno/beat (kinda like Chemical Brothers.... but then it's still too different) song, it's a little bit faster than that Fatboy Slim version of The Joker. I can't really explain more. I don't know if anyone was coincidently listening to the tv lol, but it was right after "The Weekend" by Michael Gray.
was it a new song? there is this video by eric prydz - 'call on me' where its just an exercise video..its pretty funny. that might be the song, cus the only lyrics is.."CALL ON MEEE" and i figured, it sounds pretty close to "IMMA SEE" i dunno..worth a shot.

you can check-out the video by typing in "eric prydz" on windows media search.
Wait was it a man and a woman singing? Cause I have a song somewhere around here that goes a little like what you're describing, but It said something like I'm a saint, I'm a sinner some thing something I'm a dream devine( or something like that) we made love togheter.NO?? Maybe I'm way off.
No it was a man singing, multiple actually, I think 2. One sings kinda deep on the background, another a little higher (the one you hear the loudest) I REALLY think it says Imma a singer, not 100% sure though but I cant make out what else he might be saying.
No it wasn't "Call On Me" but that song does have the same kind of rythm, like same speed n' stuff. Does anyone maybe know any technobeat kind of song with the phrase SINGER?? or maybe a song with SINGER in the title??
since you have the clip on the video you made, can you somehow rip it and post it here?
No, sorry, that was a long time ago. I actually would've done that but sadly I dont have the clip anymore and I dont think I have it on tape either (might've recorded over it already) 'cause then I could've just put it back on the computer, but nope. sorry