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I have been seeing this new Best Buy ad that features a puppet with strings. The puppet walks into the Best Buy and asks the sales person if she has wireless laptops. When she says "yes", he fantasies about running through the grass with no puppet strings using the wireless laptop. A song is sung with the lyrics "I'm Free, I'm Free". It shoulds like a 60's type of song. Does anyone know the title of the song and the original artist who sung that song? Thanks for your help.

I haven't seen the ad, but it sounds like you might be describing "I'm Free" by the Rolling Stones, later covered by the Soup Dragons.
OK, I've just seen the commercial and it's NOT the Rolling Stones "I'm Free." Has more of a 60's "Happy Together" feel.
I believe it's "I'm Free" by The Who.

EDIT: Nope, I just listened to it...not the song. Damn it, I really want this song too. :p
It's not "I'm free" by The Who.. or even a cover of that song.

Some of the lyrics from the commerical are:

"I'm free, I'm free. Not just a puppet on a string, no ties to anything."

I did a basic Yahoo! search but couldn't find anything. I also did a search and found nothing. I think this is one case where it actually is original music.
I am also trying to find this song. "Puppet on a String" by Elvis has similar lyrics but not close enough. Plus his version is a lot more depressing and not as happy as the commercial is.
Sorry to say it, but I doubt anyone is going to find it. I've listened to about 40-50 songs now attempting to find these lyrics and I've come up with nothing. If it's a remake of another song I just can't figure out which one. It's more than likely an original composition made specifically for the commercial. Has anyone tried getting in touch with Best Buy and jsut asking them?
It'll take a while.. I'm still waiting on the Mastercard one.. heh
Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the puppet without strings Best Buy commercial? It goes like "I'm free, I'm free....not just a puppet on a string, no ties to anything." I've tried numerous songs with no results. It's not the Rolling Stones, The Who, or Elvis Presley! PLEASE this is driving me nuts! Thanks!
Can't download music at work, but has this one been tried? Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String?

I'll keep looking in the mean while...
Bill Martin/Phil Coulter song "Puppet on a String"

? I can't download music at work, but has anyone tried this one?
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Hell, he might respond sooner than Best Buy. And even if it's not his song he might know, I'd be willing to believe people have asked him already. And or, he'd know the other versions of the song he holds highest on his personal song-writing record.
I wrote and asked the PR for Best Buy and here's the response I received....

Thank you for contacting Ms. Erin MacMillan in our Public Relations department. Ms. MacMillan’s office has received your email and has forwarded it for review and response. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concern.

The aforementioned song was actually produced exclusively for Best Buy and is not available commercially. I am sorry for any inconvenience. The song is very catchy.

Thank you again for making Best Buy aware of your concerns. We do appreciate your patronage, and I hope you will let me know if you have any future questions or concerns.


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So, I guess we'll never hear the full version of this song! :(
In the newest Best Buy commercial, there is a puppet looking for a laptop with a wireless modem or something, and a song plays that has the lyrics "I'm free I'm free, not a puppet on a string no ties to anything" And no, it's not "I'm Free" by The Who. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Don't forget to :usesearch: -- read this earlier thread. This post in particular, has an answer... it was done just for the ad.
What the PR department of BestBuy has neglected to tell you is that that song from the commercial is a simple reworking of a Cowsills song called "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things". They simply rewrote lyrics to suit the commercial. The original song is wonderful and I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you find it.
Good luck