Somethin Funky is happening..


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I just got a few messages saying something about have to many max_connections or something like that. Thought I'd let you know
Thanks for the tip. Sometimes the site database goes wonky -- either from too many users connected at once or a problem with the MySQL table. Either way, if you see a problem, send an email to Michelle or myself (since the forum may be having problems, we may not see a post about it) -- this is usually the fastest way to notify us to fix the problem and return things to normal. :)

Appreciate your help,
Yeah, sure. I took a screenshot if you want it. When you say email - you mean PM? Cause it said your email was private. Otherwise I'll see if I can optimize the image and send a link to a image hosting site.
No, JCA means regular E-mail.

A PM (Private Message) is still reliant on the Forums being up and running. We can't read PMs if the Forums are down.

If you see the error page that you gave as a screen shot, you just need to copy and paste that info from the box that says "Error Returned" and email it. You can email us through our Contact page.