Some Kind Of Wonderful


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I was watching the movie "Some Kind Of Wonderful" and loved the song that was playing during the opening of the movie. When I went to look find the song at, I did not reconize any of the songs given in the track listings as the song I was searching for. I wonder if anyone knows the title of the song. For a possibly better description, it's the song with the awesome drum beat shown to be played by one of the characters (Mary Stuart Masterson). If anyone has an idea of what this song is, please do respond. Thank you.
Thanks for replying, but that is not the song that I looking for. I am pretty sure that this song is not featured on the soundtrack. The song that I am thinking of has a really deep, hard drum beat and I did not hear any lyrics when it was being played in the beginning of the movie. If anyone has seen the movie, it is the song being played when Keith (eric stoltz) is walking down the train tracks. Thank you, again.
I am one of two people who bought the soundtrack back in 1987 wanting to get that very song but it was not on the MCA release.
I would have to think it was something done just for the movie because I have never heard it since that movie.
There is a song on the soundtrack, Track 9, which is a remake of "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" by "Lick the Tins" which is very close but not the song you want.
I would have to let this one go...
Darn. I would have to say that the last response is not what I wanted to hear, but I will have to do plenty more research before I can let this song go.
And in less than 20 minutes, she finds it!!!! I went to before someone helpfully recommended it and I found the title of the song!!!!!!!! It is called "Dr. Mabuse" by Propaganda! WOOOHOOO!