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I would like to know some techno songs that have a pretty fast tempo...some examples are:

Vengaboys - We like to party
Infernal - From Paris to Berlin
Black Rock ft. Debra Andrew - Blue Water
Iio - Smooth
Plummet - 50 Ways to leave your lover
Tara Lowe - Be with you
Ian van Dahl - Castles in the sky
iio - At the end
Foggy - Come into my dream
Drunkenmonkey - Yeah!

Those are some examples of the things I like, if anyone has any good songs dont be afraid to tell me:) Thanks!
You might like artists such as 4 strings and dj encore, jam 'n spoon.
Some songs that come to mind:

sash: encore une fois
motorcycle: as the rush comes
conjure: center of the sun
bt: somnambulist (aka simply being loved)
dht: listen to your heart
This one is a little bit older
You gotta love SHapeshifters Lolas themes its great house

This is almost as knew as they get
DK8- murder was the bass
Admittedly, I am a little sketchy on boundaries between house/techno/drum'n'bass/dubstep/etc.
(although, admittedly, trance is a little clearer), however, this is how *I* would classify techno, that is to say rhythmic/repetitive music @ high BPM, i.e. very "danceable".
A few of my favorites:

BT -- The Revolution (Will Be Televised)
BT -- Never Gonna' Come Back Down
Dirty Vegas -- Days Go By
Fans of Jimmy Century -- The Future Will Blow Your Mind
Far East Movement -- Like a G6 [if this can be considered "techno"]
Fatboy Slim -- Illuminati
Fatboy Slim -- The World's Made Up of This & That
Fatboy Slim -- Wonderful Night
Overseer -- Skylight
The Prodigy/Fatboy Slim [Remixed] -- Smack My Bitch Up
The Prodigy -- Firestarter
Paul Oakenfold -- Ready, Steady, Go
Shifty -- Starry-Eyed Surprise
Soda Club -- Heaven is a Place On Earth
The Chemical Brothers -- Galaxy Bounce
The Undatakerz -- Party in the Morgue (Club Mix)

Let me know what you think!