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Does anyone know the hip-hop song playing in the background of the NASCAR Smirnoff Ice commercial, "Pit Stop." You can watch the commercial at

Smirnoff's web page
It's the 3rd one down in the 2nd television column from the left (right above the pic of the guy holding the cell phone to his ear)
The commercial is on Smirnoff's homepage, the NASCAR commercial, I've been trying to figure out who the hip-hop song in the background is by. The hook basically goes "show some love" and "raise em up." It's got a real cool beat, any clues????
I asked this question a few weeks ago, under Smirnoff - NASCAR. Michelle, please consolidate.
Yeah...I've been looking for this one too. They play that commercial at least 5 times during every playoff hockey game on ESPN and it's driving me CRAZY!!!
I'm looking for the name of this song too. A nascar driver sponsored by smirnoff ice pulls up in his nascar car to a party. He gets out and slashes his tire with a knife. Anyways, I cannot find the commercial on smirnoff's web page anymore, as I think they revamped their site design. I did find information in their faq section that said the name of the artist in the "Slash" commercial is called Suphat and the song is "Doing The Next". I couldn't find the song anywhere to download and verify its the right one. Anyone else no anything about this.